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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  July 7, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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attorneys office. the board says kwame brown's 2008 council campaign committee may have committed criminal > that's saying -- don't you
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know what a referral with a violation means? it means we think there is criminal activity that needs to be looked into. >> reporter: the u.s. attorneys office already made informal inquiries into the kwame brown affair, but the formal criminal probe request is a serious blow to the council chairman. brown declined to speak to news4, but said in had a statement, he welcomes the probe to clear his name. >> thank you. we're adjourned. >> reporter: board chairman togo west also thursday said the city's campaign ethics office needs more fire power to curb growing incidents of misconduct by public officials. >> i say get me some more auditors, so that i can flood the place with auditors the way the fbi does. you want to improve ethics policing in the district of columbia? get me some more auditors in the office of campaign finance. >> reporter: there are three elected officials under various investigation in the d.c. office, brown, tommy thomas, and mayor vincent gray. gray says citizens have a right to be concerned, but he's focusing on the city. >> well, you have to be
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concerned about these things, tom. while we have to pay attention to the issues you mentioned, we've got to pay more attention to making sure the city runs well. >> council chairman brown can legally remain on the job while his campaign committee is being investigated for these possible crimes. jim, back to you. >> tom sherwood. thank you, tom. after a corruption scandal in prince george's county, there is talk now about who might replace leslie johnson on the county council. johnson announced her resignation earlier this week. she represented the mitchellville area. she is a democrat, pleaded guilty last month to destroying evidence and a bribery scheme involving her husband. she'll be sentenced in october. according to published reports, three candidates might be vying for her job. derek leon davis, arthur turner, and bethea. another mentioned, samuel dean. dean lost his bid for county executive last fall. there will have to be a special
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election after johnson's resignation goes into effect at the end of the month. the police have identified a pedestrian -- i'm sorry, dorene, go ahead. >> police have identified a pedestrian hit and killed after an accident hit in landover this morning. the crash happened along landover road near firehouse road at 5:30 this morning. prince george's county police say lelia witfield was killed crossing the busy street. the driver stayed on the scene. police don't believe speed or alcohol were factors in the crash. so far, no charges have been filed. maryland state police hope a new description of the armed man on the baltimore washington parkway yesterday will help them find him. police believe the man armed with a shotgun and a hammer attacked a speed camera vehicle about 11:00 yesterday morning in ligament acouple. the contractor wasn't harmed. the suspect is described as a white man in his 50s or 60s. he appeared to be 6 feet tall and 220 pounds with a pot belly. the suspect was wearing clear
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glasses, a red and blue plaid shirt. he was carrying a black backpack. weather weise, not much going on out there now, but looks like we might get wet tomorrow, huh, doug? >> a lot of people could get wet during the day tomorrow. a flash flood watch issued by the national weather service. right now, the heat we're dealing with. temperatures of 94 degrees outside, a warm and humid atmosphere. the heat index now, 96 degrees. the wind out of the south at 10 miles per hour. we do have temperatures around the rest of the region, 84 right now in frederick, 93, though, in sterling, 91 in manassas. temperatures to the north, 82 in hagerstown, 84 in frederick. that's because of a little boundary that's moved through and some shower activity, as well. take a look at these storms right around frederick, maryland, just off to the east, right along i-70. more storms towards martinsburg and west virginia. we'll zoom into just west of mt. erie, that storm moving into your region. and the other storm toward the west in towards around the bettington area and also just to the south and we feel of williams port along 81, that storm making its way from morgan
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county into berkeley county. we'll continue to watch the storms throughout the evening. more storms likely tomorrow. i'll tell you who i think has the best chance of seeing the rain and when, coming up. jim? thanks, doug. in about three-and-a-half weeks, the united states will reach the debt limit set by congress and the government would not be able to borrow anymore money. opinions vary on what would happen after that. but surely, it would create a situation that would not leave the united states as a nation in goodsted. today, president barack obama and congressional leaders suggested they might be willing to compromise in order to reach a solution. michelle franzen has our report. >> reporter: raising the stakes. but still no deal on raising the nation's debt ceiling following president obama's meeting with house and senate leaders today. the president said republicans and democrats will work through the weekend. >> everybody acknowledged that there's going to be pain
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involved politically on all sides, but our biggest obligation is to make sure that we're doing the right thing by the american people. >> reporter: lawmakers have until august 2nd to keep the government from defaulting on loans. before the meeting, house speaker john boehner once again said raising taxes is not an option. but for the first time, he opened the door to rollbacks on some tax credits and closing tax loopholes. >> we believe that comprehensive tax reform, both on the corporate side and personal side, would make america more competitive, help create jobs in our country, and it's something that is under discussion. >> reporter: there are reports the president may be open to medicare, medicaid and social security reform. a move that put him in the hot seat with progressive democrats. >> if the republican leadership can find votes in their own caucus to pass such a deal, let them do it. >> reporter: that could be tough. boehner is working to shore up
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emerging splits in his party over tax reform, and new members who want a balanced budget amendment. meanwhile, obama says the ongoing talks are just that. until a deal is done. >> i want to emphasize that nothing is agreed to until everything is agreed to. and the parties are still far apart on a wide range of issues. >> reporter: the president says he hopes by working through the weekend republicans and democrats can find common ground to strike a deal. he plans to meet again with house and senate leaders this sunday. michelle franzen, news4. casey anthony will leave jail in less than a week. today a judge sentenced her for lying to investigators about the death of her 2-year-old daughter, caylee. anthony is getting credit for the time she has already served in jail, but her legal troubles are far from over. kristen dahlgren reports. >> reporter: days after a jury acquitted her in the death of her 2-year-old daughter, caylee, casey anthony will spend less than another week in jail. >> her release date is july
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13th, 2011. >> reporter: after sentencing her to four years and $4,000 fine on four counts of making false statements to investigators, judge belvin perry credited her for more than 1,000 days already served. but the court also reserved jurisdiction to determine the cost of the prosecution and investigation, and could tax anthony on that. >> this search for her went on from july through december, over several months, trying to find caylee marie anthony. >> reporter: anthony may also be sued by texas equusearch, the group that spent over $100,000 searching for the little girl. >> caylee, caylee! >> reporter: and she is unwik likely to find a welcome reception on her release. protesters gathered outside the
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courthouse. of security was tight. jail officials say they have their plan in place to try to keep anthony safe when she is released next week. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, orlando. and there's also concern for the security of the jurors in the casey anthony trial. judge belvin perry says he wants to hold off on releasing the jury members' names in order to protect their safety. d.c. police chief cathy lanier said today it might be a good idea for walmart to make handguns available to residents of the district. the one and only licensed gun dealer in the district went out of business earlier this year. since then, district residents have not been able to register handguns. lanier told weop radio she hopes that walmart and perhaps other larger retailers can be part of a solution. >> you know, walmart and others coming to town that could take that on, are they willing to take that on and become the
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firearms, you know, licensed firearms dealer here in the district. we don't know. >> and it's certainly not a lucrative business in the district of columbia. so how do you encourage others to take on that venture? >> an official with walmart told wtop radio that currently there are no plans for that store to sell guns in its d.c. operation. a rare move in rockville tonight after county leaders approved a beer and wine license for a new grocery store. elwood thompson's local market is set to open in rockville town square next year. today, the county licensing board cleared that grocery store to sell wine and beer. previous efforts to open a grocery store in that area had been unsuccessful, because regulators did not grant the license. coming up on news4 at 6:00, a dramatic decision has been made about the tabloid newspaper that hacked into the voice mails of murder victims and dead soldiers. a roof collapsed a soccer stadium, one person killed. it sent dozens of others
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scrambling for their lives. after complaints about patdowns of the elderly and babies, now there is a complaint of another kind. hakem, are what's ahead in sports? >> serena williams giving back to kids on the tennis court. bryce harper off to a good start. and the nats have a in that case for winning close ball games. another
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a construction project at a soccer stadium in the netherlands turned for the worse today when the roof partially collapsed and one person was killed. at least 12 other workers were injured and taken to the hospital. construction was under way to add more seating to the arena. rescuers are using dogs and small cameras to search the wreckage for missing people. the exact cause of the collapse is still under investigation. a british newspaper at the center of a major scandal is shutting down. the "news of the world" is accused of hacking into the cell phone messages of grieving families. members of the royal family and politicians. then after advertisers pulled out, the company announced that the 68-year-old newspaper will print its last edition on sunday. nbc's mike taibbi reports from london. >> reporter: this was a result, the closing of this newspaper,
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this 168--year-old newspaper on sunday, that few people saw coming, even though the story has really been propelled to the next level. what did that, what caused it to go next level is that it's not just celebrities whose cell phones and voice mails have been hacked. >> if approximate it's true, if this has happened, i would like to see everyone responsible in court. >> reporter: regular people and people in desperate and difficult circumstances. the relatives of crime victims, the victims of brutal crimes, and now the insination, allegation that relatives of british soldiers killed in action in afghanistan and iraq were themselves alleged victims of cell phone hacking. their messages and voice mails also eaves dropped upon by whoever at the "news of the world" is responsible for it. and that's what the ininquiry is supposed to determine. the son of rupert murdoch did comment. >> clearly the practices of certain individuals did not live up to the standards and quality of journalism that we believe in and i believe in and this company believes in.
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>> reporter: there are published reports that several people, perhaps as many as five additional employees of the paper may be arrested and charged by the end of the week. mike taibbi, nbc news, in london. >> more than 4,000 telephone hacking victims have been identified by scotland yard. families of the victims of the london transit bombings also are thought to have had their cell phones hacked by investigators for that paper, "the news of the world." those families were absorbing that news today as they marked the sixth anniversary of that terror attack. they got together in hyde park for a service at the memorial that honors the 52 victims. there are 52 steel pillars, each one inscribed with the name of a victim. one father says he thinks about his murdered son every day. >> it does become easier to handle, but it never goes away. it's one of those things that you know is going to be with you for the rest of your life. >> reporter: on july 7th, 2005,
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four suicide bombers attacked three subway trains and a bus. his son phillip was killed in the bus attack. the transportation security administration is under scrutiny again tonight after one passenger claims she was disnatured against because of her curly hair. she was at sea-tac airport and was pulled aside by a tsa officer. she put her hands out to be patted down, but that's when they asked to examine her hair. when she resisted, the tsa officer threatened to call the police. her hair was pinned back in a curly pony tail. she claims she was singled out. >> there were many other females around me who were not black who were not having their hair searched, who had -- i mean, i distinctly remember looking at a woman with her hair in a curly pony tail, curly big hair, wondering why she wasn't being accosted as well. >> they responded by saying they take any potential racism charge
6:18 pm
seriously, but they say they are confident the alleged hair search was the case of officers being thorough during security searches. coming up tonight, a new weather scare for the space shuttle "atlantis" just a few days before its final launch. >> america is getting fatter. we'll see how our region shapes up compared to the rest of the country. and after all these storms, the weekend looking pretty good. ♪
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there's a report out today that america's waistline continues to grow. the report is called "trust for america." and in it, not a single state lowered its obesity rate in the year 2010. the percentage of obese adults increased in 16 states between 2009 and 2010. most of those states are in the south, where poverty rates tend to be the highest. obesity increases the risk for a number of health problems, including heart disease, type two diabetes, and some cancers. according to the report, d.c. ranked second for being the least obese. maryland ranked number 26, virginia number 30. >> i guess we still have a long way to go. >> got work to do. >> to address that issue. so we've got some rain coming, some real rain this time? >> we do. and let's hope it comes for most
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of us, because so many areas right now well below average, as far as the rain goes. over the last couple days and over the last couple months, we need to see the rain and it does look like it is going to come tomorrow. but today we saw the heat. a few thunderstorms out there right now, but really not too many to really worry about this evening. so i think you're going to be okay this evening. at least most of us will be. outside right now, plenty of sunshine. high temperature today with all of that sun reached all the way to 95 degrees, a very warm and a very humid afternoon. average high temperature is 88 degrees, so we are well above average once again. that puts our monthly average at 3.3 degrees above average so far for the month of july and nearly 4 inches below average as far as our rainfall is concerned for the year. so yes, we need to make up some rainfall and i think we'll do it during the day tomorrow. 49 degrees, winds out of the south at 10 miles per hour. 84 in frederick. 90 in baltimore. 88 in quantico and 91 in manassas. heat index has been a problem. up to 101 right now in
6:23 pm
fredericksburg, 98 in culpeper, 96 in quantico. so a warm atmosphere, especially south. first thing you're going to notice is the severe thunderstorm warnings which does include anne arundel county, but it's way to the north towards portions of the chesapeake bay, northern portions of anne arundel county. another storm around frederick and more towards hagerstown. we'll zoom into these storms and you can see the one right around damascus and mt. erie making its way east along i-70. we'll even zoom into that storm. around langdon woods, and back towards little georgetown, williams port, pinesburg as you make your way closer to the hagerstown region, making their way from west virginia in towards maryland. and we'll continue to see them move very slowly. a lot of rain falling with these storms, and most of the rain has actually stayed well to the north. up there towards the pennsylvania/maryland border, you can see a lot of shower activity here, but it's starting to die out and i expect it to continue to do so. so maybe a shower or storm for
6:24 pm
us tonight, but most of us will remain dry. tomorrow, a different story. that's why the national weather service has issued a flash flood watch. any storms that develop will be slow-movers and could put down 1 to 2 inches in an hour's time, so they'll dump fairly heavy rainfall during the early morning hours or day tomorrow. here's the frontal boundary. we have been talking about the fronts lingering around the area all week long and that front will continue to sit around our region, bringing us warm and humid conditions tomorrow. rain likely tomorrow, but by saturday, that front moves down to the south. it's still going to be warm, but not quite as humid. i think we're in for a very nice weekend. this evening, partly sunny, hot and humid. scattered storms, most to the north, some could be heavy. 86 to 92 degrees. tomorrow, i think you'll wake up to a few showers around. so i'd make sure you take the umbrella with you tomorrow morning. warm and humid, temperatures in the upper 60s to lower 70s tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon, temperatures about 10 degrees cooler than they were today as a result of the increasing clouds and
6:25 pm
showers and thunderstorms. once again, some rain could be on the heavy side. saturday, 88 degrees, still warm this weekend, but not too bad. 92 on sunday with plenty of sunshine. 94 on tuesday. i think another very hot day on monday, and then tuesday, that next chance of storms. by wednesday and thursday, we seem to be drying out just a little bit. now, normally on our fridays, we're doing somebody's backyard. if you would like us to come back to your backyard, all you have to do is send us pictures to tomorrow, we were supposed to be going to prince george's county, but i think because of the rain, we'reoing to be right here. so we have cancelled -- our first cancellation this summer, but don't worry, we'll make it up in about two weeks. >> we won't be serving any barbecue or anything to eat here. >> we talked about this already, i thought. >> no. >> nothing? >> we hoped you were going to bring something. >> fine, i'll bring something. >> all right. thanks, doug. coming up, the man arrested for starting fires in the district made one bold move that
6:26 pm
tipped off police. a strict no guns on campus policy at state colleges in virginia may have no legal standing. verizon hangs up its unlimited plans. we'll tell you what that means for wireless customers. a political rally ended with supporters getting all wet, and some people don't think it was entirely by accident. coming up in sports, find out if nats' first baseman michael morse is going to the all-star game. and serena williams makes her season debut for the castles tonigh
6:27 pm
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more legal trouble today for d.c. council chairman kwame brown. the city's board of elections voted to request a formal criminal investigation of brown's 2008 election committee. they want to know what happened to $350,000 that that committee raised. now we know that casey anthony will be freed from jail next wednesday, july 13th. the florida mother was sentenced today for lying to investigators. a judge gave her four years with credit for time served and good behavior. anthony was found not guilty of killing her daughter, caylee, on tuesday. president obama met with congressional leaders today to work on a compromise for raising the debt limit. mr. obama described the talks as
6:30 pm
very constructive. he said negotiations will continue through the weekend, and he'll meet again with those leaders on sunday. tonight, a suspect is under arrest in washington accused in a series of arsons. >> in one fire, back in april, five firefighters were injured, one of them critically. john schriffen reports on the investigation that led to the arrest. >> this impacts everyone. it impacts our insurance costs, it impacts our safety, it impacts our lifestyle in the district. and when one individual for sport decides to start burning places to get a reaction, it's a good reaction by law enforcement to put handcuffs on him. >> reporter: the combined forces of six agencies around the region, including police and fire departments from d.c. and prince george's county, even the secret service, helped take down an alleged serial arsonist. authorities have arrested 26-year-old maurice dews from northeast d.c. and charged him with setting three fires around his neighborhood. >> this is real good. this has come to an end. i think so.
6:31 pm
i hope so. you know? i really appreciate the fact that they got somebody. >> reporter: the first, back on april the 8th was allegedly set at this abandoned house on 48th place. when firefighters arrived to put out the blaze, they thought someone was inside. moments after rushing in, the roof collapsed, burning five d.c. firefighters, including veteran chuck ryan, who suffered burns over 30% of his body. according to the court documents, each time dews allegedly set a house on fire, he notified d.c. fire department like he was calling in a tip. he would then allegedly stay on the scene to take pictures and record the blaze. authorities say it happened at the fire set back in june on grant street that gutted this abandoned home, as well as the most recent july the 5th, once again on 48th place. but this time, there was a witness who saw dews allegedly spark the fire, and police tracked him down. at his home in northeast d.c., a relative of the suspect tells news4, she had no idea. >> i'm just like kind of glad that he's not here, because he could get upset, and my
6:32 pm
grandmother let him stay here. he could get upset, and next thing you know, we could wake up and our house is on fire. you can't trust someone like that. >> reporter: according to these court documents, dews confessed to setting the three fires, as well as numerous others in d.c. and prince george's county. authorities say at this point, it is very likely more charges are on the way. in northwest d.c., i'm john schriffen, news4. there's been a controversial decision made about concealed weapons on college campuses in virginia. according to the virginia pilot newspaper, the state's attorney general, ken cuccinelli says it's okay for students at the university of virginia to walk on campus with a concealed weapon, if the person has permission from the state. but cuccinelli says the university can prohibit people from openly carrying firearms in buildings. uva says it is reviewing ea cuccinelli's opinion. voters will likely decide whether to grant in-state tuition to illegal immigrants in maryland. the dream act passed in april,
6:33 pm
but today the state board of elections reported that challengers have collected the required number of signatures in the petition for the referendum. the dream act referendum will be on the ballot in november 2012. the space shuttle "atlantis" is scheduled to lift off tomorrow morning. it will be the final mission. but lightning hit near the launch pad today, and that's threatening the launch. jay gray is now at the kennedy space center in florida with more on this. jay? >> reporter: hey there, jim, good to talk to you. yeah, a lightning strike by pad 39 h an did not effect the shuttle or the pad so it hasn't slowed the countdown. the problem is this weather. mother nature obviously not ready for the shuttle program to go away just yet. it looks like they may have to postpone this liftoff, but right now, they're continuing ahead. they'll work through the night. they begin tanking at 2:00 in the morning, weather permitting,
6:34 pm
and they will go through that process and as we get closer to the actual liftoff scheduled for 11:26 in the morning, they will continue to look at the clouds, continue to look at the rain. right now, nasa forecasters say there is a 70% no-go chance. so 70% no-go for in the morning. the window is stretched through sunday right now, but there are so many people here along the space coast to get this final glimpse of history that they may have to skip saturday's date. they have got to let the crew get back home and rested and ready for another attempt, if it goes late into the countdown tomorrow. so what they would likely do is come back sunday when chances are better, 06% go at that point. they're even thinking about trying monday. jim, dorene, back to you. >> all right. let's hope they get it up there successfully and safely. thanks. among those watching the historic final launch of "atlantis" will be the 10,000 workers at goddard at green belt. many say it will be a bittersweet day. >> reporter: it's a high-tech
6:35 pm
hook for youngsters visiting the goddard space flight visitor center. parents hoping to inspire their children to reach for the stars. >> he's learning a lot about numbers right now. so to see how things happen, the time frame it happened, and he knows it's -- it's happening in 2011. >> reporter: 2011 will also mark the end of the space shuttle program. three decades of missions with goddard providing most of the technology, engineering and communications work. >> the shuttle was just an incredibly capable machine, capable of delivering pay loads to orbit, capable of bringing pay loads back, capable of enabling repairs. there were several spacecraft we repaired. >> reporter: since 1981, goddard has taken part in the shuttle program's triumphs. the launch of the hubble telescope. john glenn's return to space. the construction of the international space station. and the hubble repair mission. there's also been tragedy.
6:36 pm
the loss of "challenger" and "columbia" and 14 astronauts. with the end of the shuttle program also comes the loss of tens of thousands of jobs around the country. but for the most part, goddard workers appear to be spared. >> we're not so much affected by that. those are the launch facilities, and the folks that operate the space shuttle. we're more the users and the technology enablers, the communication satellites. >> reporter: goddard employees plan to gather together tomorrow to watch the final flight of "atlantis." proud of the role that they have played in the 30-year history of the shuttle program. in greenbelt, jane watrel, news4. the mayor of rockville, maryland is speaking out about an incident that she was not expecting today. phyllis marcucio was at the rockville town square today, announcing her re-election campaign. but her routine speech took a turn when a water fountain that was supposed to be turned off
6:37 pm
unexpectedly came on. her guests and supporters were all doused. the mayor is dismissing any claims of sabotage. >> oh, i think it's been one of the funniest, best campaign launches i've ever been through. we'll talk about this one for a long time. >> city manager scott uluri has announced plans to retire december 2nd after seven years with rockville. he says the timing has nothing to do with the fountain incident that disrupted the mayor's announceme announcement. >> how much more coverage did the mayor's campaign relaunch get because of that? >> kind of worked out that way, didn't it? coming up, the case of the stolen picasso sketch has been cracked. the how the outfit tipped off police. a man mauled in a rare grizzly bear attack a
6:38 pm
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it's where the pharmacist stops and talks to me about safety and saving money with generic prescriptions. laura, let's talk about possible side effects. it's all about me. love that. get care 1on1 and talk savings, safety, and side effects when you transfer or fill a new, ongoing prescription. i'm laura, and this is my cvs. it's all mine. hello, everybody, welcome back, i'm meteorologist doug kammerer right here in storm center 4. a very hot and humid afternoon. we do have a few storms. right now, though, if you're in virginia you're not seeing any storms. they're mostly in maryland and west virginia. let's show you what's happening now, 94 degrees the current temperature. the heat index around 96
6:41 pm
degrees. so a very hot day after a high of 9 a little bit earlier. there is digital doppler radar, a couple zooms. right now the strongest storms in portions of frederick county and montgomery county and then moving in towards howard county. right along i-70, further zoom here right around damas cast, kingsley, just to the south of mt. erie and list bin. another strong storm in northern portions of anne arundel county and smaller storms around maryland, glen burr knee, pasadena. a lot of lightning associated with it, but most of the rain has stayed to the north today. i think that will be a differing thing tomorrow. i think we're looking at a lot more in the way of rain tomorrow. that's why we have that flash flood watch that is in effect during the day tomorrow. some locations could easily pick up 1 to 2 inches of rain tomorrow, and dorene, we need it. >> we do, indeed. thank you, doug. starting today, smartphones
6:42 pm
on verizon's network will no longer have an undidn'ted data plan. current users can continue paying $30 a month for unlimited data, but new users will have to pay $80 a month for ten gigabytes. $50 for five gigabytes a month. and $30 for two dig gigabytes a month. sprints is the last to offer unlimited data but that could change soon. >> and probably will. what you got? >> coming up, the hottest ticket in town. what do you think it is? >> oh, is it the trial? there's a lot of stars coming in there, man. >> there you go. well, it's serena williams making her seasoned debut tonight. and how -- that was nice. a suicide squeeze helps the nationals squeak out another win. and nats number one pick bryce ha
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park rangers out of yellowstone national park will not search for the grizzly bear involved in a deadly attack. a 57-year-old man was mauled to death as he hiked with his wife yesterday near a place called canyon village. park officials say the attack occurred when the couple surprised a female grizzly with her cubs. officials say the bear was apparently protecting its young. there has not been an attack, a fatal attack in yellowstone, in 25 years. yellowstone park, they may be used to a lot of wildlife there, and animals are also not so uncommon in many parts of rural loudoun county here, but
6:46 pm
some people in leesburg say they had been on edge over bear sightings in their neighborhoods. tracee wilkins reports. >> reporter: cars aren't the only thing residents have been seeing traveling on this rural leesburg road lately. >> i was just driving up wood burn road, and i saw what i thought was a deer, and slowed down. and out of the left behind a fence came this black bear that was about my size. it was a baby. so i let it go across the street. >> reporter: that was about two weeks ago when ann chapman saw what she described as a healthy baby bear here at the corner of snyder hill court and wood burn. and then this morning -- >> i got a phone call about ten after 7:00 this morning. and it was my husband who is going into work. and he said, "okay, the sighting is real. i just went past the mother bear and the cub exactly where ann, our next door neighbor had mentioned the previous sighting." >> now people who live in this picturesque and rural setting are a little worried. >> this mother bear and cub have
6:47 pm
decided to amongst this neighborhood. and there are a lot of pets, there are a lot of children. there's a lot of people who come out here for athletic reasons, a lot of people that just walk locally. and i feel that it's a very big threat to our neighborhood. >> the bear is probably more afraid of you than you are of him. they have no interest in humans. they have no interest in being aggressive with us. >> reporter: this is the time of year for baby bears to find a new home. the mama bear has kicked them out of the nest, and folks may see them milling around in this search of new shelter and food. but in order to keep them moving, you can't tempt them to stay. >> anything at all that could be a food source. if you feed outdoor animals, if you feed your pets outside, don't leave their food out, anything like that is going to be what's attracting them and keeping them from moving on to find their food source. >> reporter: the experts say, remember, black bears aren't grizzly bears, and even when they are with their young, their first instinct is flight. not fight. would you suggest treat this like you would a stray dog? >> it's exactly like a stray dog, with the exception of don't
6:48 pm
call us, because we're not going to bring it to the shelter. leave it be, let it pass, all it wants to do is move on to find a safe place. it doesn't want anything to do with us. >> reporter: the virginia department of game and inland fisheries is aware of the bear sightings here and they would be the ones to come and trap the bears if they were a threat to the community. but they're saying unless these animals are actually breaking into someone's home or attacking someone, which they feel is highly unlikely, they're not going to intercede. in leesburg, tracee wilkins, news4. we want to share some breaking news with you now that's affecting a whole lot of people out there. there's been a serious accident on the outer loop of the beltway near i-95. the beltway is shut down. the outer loop. this is happening in beltsville, maryland. prince george's county officials say it appears that someone was changing a tire on the left shoulder when he was hit. the victim is said to be in extremely critical condition. there was a fire after that crash. again, this is a live picture of the crash on the outer loop of the beltway in beltsville,
6:49 pm
maryland. the outer loop near i-95. the beltway is shut down, as you can see, while they address the issues. a person critically injured there. so we will keep you posted if the situation changes. jim? we turn to sports now and the nats who are -- you've got to love these guys, man. they make it interesting, and especially at the very end, right? >> they make it interesting. and i first have to talk about michael morse. i feel a little disappointed. i kind of feel like i let him down, my campaigning. >> he didn't make it? i'm so sorry. >> well, not because of a lack of trying on your part. >> really. >> we really tried. and i just -- next year, let's go get him. >> all right. nice try. after much campaigning, michael morse did not win the final fan vote. instead phillies' outfielder shane victorino. the first to win two times. meanwhile, paul konerko won for the american league. so reliever tyler clipper will
6:50 pm
be the lone representative for the nats at the midsummer classic. on the field last night against the cubs, the nats won another one-run ball game. and rookie danny he is pin owesa has been playing like an all star. bottom one, with a man on, takes randy wells out and gone to right. that was a no-doubter. and capitals' coach bruce boudreau loves baseball. leads all major league second baseman with 16 runs. tied at 2, ryan zimmerman up with a runner on and does what espinoza does. his fourth of the season. nats take a 4-2 lead. butt cubs tied up on a who-run homer by ramirez. bottom of seven, here comes michael morse, bramos falls off swinging away, apparently he missed the sign. davy john soon says let's run it again guys and have it work this time. morse counting his blessings. this time, the squeeze works.
6:51 pm
ramos gets the bunt down, that's what he meant to do last time. morse crosses home plate and a gutsy call gives the nats a 5-4 lead. could you imagine that? a guy swinging away, you're coming down the third baseline and a guy swinging away? >> no. >> i can't imagine that. it never happened to me when i played. nonetheless. top of the nine, drew store on to close it out facing soriano gets him to pop it up. earns his 22nd save. nats defeat the cubs and improve to 45 and 43. michael morse, how about that squeeze play? >> whew! that was a tough one. that was a first. never seen that happen before. but you know what, in the end, we got the run in. he got the bunt down. that was great. >> the rate we've been going, figured it might be a good time, miss the first one. i've seen it happen before, but thank goodness nothing, you know -- he didn't get one in the chops. came back and it worked. but, you know, it was another
6:52 pm
interesting ball game. it seems like that's all we play around here is tight, interesting ball games. >> yes, tight and interesting games. yeah, i did experience a lot of things on the baseball field, that was one of them. >> there were things on the field that you didn't have the pleasure. >> exactly right. i'm just saying, never happened to me. since june 1st, washington is 13 games and one. they will try for the sweep against chicago. meanwhile, overall draft pick bryce harper off to a good start with aa harrisburg. in three games, the 18-year-old prodigy is 5 for 10 with two rbis. he was scheduled to play in rich honored friday, but major league baseball requested he travels to arizona to prepare for sunday's all-star futures game. harper was promoted to harrisburg after having plenty of success in hagerstown. he batted .318 in 72 games. harper is playing left field for the senators and will finish the season with harrisburg. he will then head to arizona for fall ball.
6:53 pm
nats' manager johnson said harper needed a new challenge and as much as harper wants to be playing in the big leagues, he knows it's not his call. >> i'm going let them make that decision. i'm not going to force the issue or anything. or -- i'm just going to go out and play the game like i can, and go to the afl hopefully. spent a good amount of time down there. have some fun down there, maybe win another championship. but know, i'm just going to go into spring training as strong as i can and play as hard as i can. and, you know, make their decision hard. >> bryce harper will begin next season with syracuse. tennis. serena williams makes her season debut for the castles tonight and the match is already sold out. the hottest ticket in town. the castles face the boston lobsters and will start 3 and 0 for the second straight year. this afternoon at castles stadium at the wharf, lovely, serena hosting a clinic for kids from the area. really a fun experience to get a lesson from one of the best to ever play the game. serena williams is a 13-time grand slam champion.
6:54 pm
she has has 12 titles in women's doubles. serena lost in the fourth run in wimbledon after a layoff because of a foot injury. she says she is humbled by the opportunity to give back. >> you know, it's really cool. you come out and help the kids or watch them play, and you never know what one kid or two kids or however many kids you can ultimately influence. it's awesome to be back. i love playing for the castles, and i love playing for the city, and i love this city. and it's so beautiful and now we're right on the water. so it's just amazing place, and amazing stadium and it's great. >> serena williams making her debut tonight for the castles, her season debut, trying to go to 3 and 0. you know what i love about serena williams and her sister, they give back to the community, it's not just about them, trying to help out and have some fun, too. >> and whatten opportunity. >> how cool for those kids. hey, mom, i played tennis today with serena williams.
6:55 pm
>> thanks, hakem. coming up, how someo what makes the sleep number store different? you walk into a conventional mattress store, it's really not about you. they say, "well, if you want a firm bed you can lay on one of those, if you want a soft bed you can lay on one of those." we provide the exact individualization that your body needs. oh yeah. once they get our bed, they're like, "why didn't i do this sooner?" during our summer closeout, get the lowest s of the season on our most popular bed sets. perience the sleep number dierence. only at one of our 400 sleep number stores.
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and how he signs up for every activity. ♪ he even hangs out with the camp director. just like that. [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. dozens of valuable artifacts from iraq were returned to their rightful owners today. the artifacts from illegally brought into the u.s. federal officials returned them today at a ceremony at the iraq cultural center on connecticut avenue.
6:58 pm
the collection includes a westernation attic necklace and a variety of items from the regime of saddam hussein. the fbi and agents from u.s. immigration and customs enforcement represented recover many of the items. still a couple storms in maryland right now. the biggest in anne arundel county and another just developed now from washington county into frederick county. so back to the west of fredericksburg. one quick zoom showing where the storms are, just north of brunswick and just west of frederick. we are going to watch those storms move closer to the frederick area over the next cup he minutes. and another storm into howard county moving along i-70 towards baltimore. so a few storms out there but not a whole lot. tomorrow will be the stormy day with a 07% chance of rain and thunderstorms and a flash flood watch issued by the national weather service. we need to see rain so hopefully tomorrow. saturday and sunday looking good, dry, 88 on saturday, 92 on
6:59 pm
sunday. among monday, high temperature of 94 and temperatures in the low to mid 90s tuesday with a front moving through as we head into the middle of next week. >> thank you, doug. police out in san francisco say they have arrested a guy who stole a picasso sketch. the drawing was stolen from an art gallery tuesday by somebody who just walked in and simply took it off the wall and walked away. security video from a nearby bar caught a shot of a man walking with a framed picture under his arm. it was about the same time that the sketch was stolen. witnesses told police that the suspect was wearing loafers, but no socks. which apparently just is not done in san francisco, although some might wonder why not? really pretty cool. whatever it was, it was enough to catch the guy. police arrested him at a hotel in napa. they


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